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Why MapDance Blogs?

The benefits of writting using MapDance community blog engine

This tool has been built to entertain the dance community by providing valuable articles written specifically for them

MapDance is visited by dancers all over the world, and we wanted to give the opportunity to every dancer to share its experience with the rest of the community

Every dancer has a vue of the dance practice, what he likes, what she would like to see, what he would like to do

Dancers are artists, and some of them like to express themselves through delightful written words

At MapDance we share this passion about dance, and we have developed and released this tool for free to give every dancer the opportunity to express its view about the dance world, and reach a significant number of dancers all around the world

What do I get?

The features the engine provides

You get your own free blog on a 100% dance platform

Your blog is shared on MapDance website

You may be promoted on our home page

You can share your blog posts on social networks

You can share your blog with specialized tools (rss feed)

You can engage with your readers with comments

You can translate your posts in as many languages as you want

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